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The Sri Yantra — July 15, 2015

The Sri Yantra


The Sri Yantra also called Sri Chakra is a beautiful and complex sacred geometry used for worship, devotion and meditation. It has been in use for thousands of years and it’s origin seems unknown.

The central figure is composed of nine interlocking triangles. Every triangle is connected to the others by common points and this is the reason why it is so difficult to draw correctly. Changing the size or position of one triangle often require changing the position of many other triangles.

After making a few attempts at drawing this figure it became obvious that it’s not as easy as it looks. Given the fact that this is one of the oldest and most recognizable sacred geometry one would assume that a method for drawing this famous figure precisely would be easy to find. Not so.

Sri Yantra Fast Facts:

  • The Sri Yantra is a sacred geometry that orginated in India
  • It is composed of 9 interlocked triangles
  • It is very difficult to draw without errors at the intersections
  • There a many variations of the Sri Yantra
  • There are many different methods to draw it
  • Nobody seems to know what the original configuration is
  • There are three main forms of the Sri Yantra: Plane, pyramidal, spherical
Types of Yantras and their benefits — July 3, 2015

Types of Yantras and their benefits

Types of Yantras and their benefits

Yantras are sacred geometric representation of a deity. The energies of the deity are invoked into the yantra through mantras and strong prayers and give life to it.

Yantras act as a protective shield against all kinds of negative energies and helps attract material prosperity, success, love, power, happiness, relationship, peace, welfare of children, fulfillment of wishes and health.


There are different types of yantras to create different benefits. They are categorized accordingly: wealth yantras, yantras for protection, for health, for education, for success in business, for early marriage, for love and attraction, for removal and protection of black magic, evil eyes and negativity, for luck and prosperity, for spiritual advancement.

Yantras for wealth

  • Shree yantra – It is said to contain highly powerful divine vibrations and energies totaling upto 2816, which destroys all sorts of negative vibrations and attracts vibrations of abundance, wealth and all benefits. It fulfills all desires of the person and elevates a person both materialistically and spiritually. It surrounds the person with highly charged positive vibrations giving him easy access to richness and affluence.
  • Lakshmi yantra – This yantra brings inflow of constant money and richness in the lives of those who worship it. It removes poverty conditions and clears debts.
  • Kuber Yantra – This yantra can be placed in business houses for lucrative purposes, to amass wealth through assets and land holdings.
  • Shri Bhairava Yantra – This is another powerful yantra for attraction of wealth and prosperity. It also protects from theft, loss and other negative conditions.

Yantras for Health

  • Mahamrithyunjay Yantra – It helps to ward off diseases, grant longevity. It gives one the precious gift of health.

Yantra for Education

  • Saraswati yantra – This yantra helps students study well by increasing their concentration, focus, memory power and secure high grades.
  • Hayagriva yantra – This yantra helps one to do study extraordinarily well and secure high percentages. It gives one good scope for higher learning in prestigious institutions.

Yantra for Marriage

  • Swayamvara Parvati yantra – Worship to this yantra would help one attract the right soul mate and marry at the right time.
  • Uma Maheshwara yantra – This yantra helps to promote marital harmony between the couple and strengthen bonds between them.

Yantra for Love & Attraction

  • Akarshana yantra – This yantra helps in attracting the right suitable partner into one`s life.

Yantra for removal of black magic and evil spells

  • Sudarshan yantra – Another powerful yantra to destroy all evil forces and bring in positive ones into one`s life.
  • Prathyangira yantra – the yantra for the goddess removes all evil effects caused due to black magic, jealousy, sorcery and evil eyes. Even it helps destroy enemies who create problems.

Other Yantras

  • Ganesh Yantra – It is a powerful yantra to overcome obstacles in endeavors and grant success.
  • Muruga yantra – This yantra helps to overcome the ill effects caused by planet Mars in one`s horoscope and brings in harmony into the life of the native. It also grants success in matters of litigation.

Planetary yantras

  • Navagraha yantra – To remove the unfavorable influences caused by planets and enhance the favorable effects; one should use this yantra for overall benefits.
  • Planetary yantras for each planet – They are sun yantra, moon yantra, Rahu yantra, Kethu yantra, Mars yantra, Mercury yantra, Jupiter yantra, Venus yantra, Saturn yantra. If one suffers from any afflictions caused by any planet, then the particular planet yantra should be used as a remedy. Sometimes to increase the favorable influences of a particular planet, then the yantra for that planet should be offered worship.


Yantras are spiritual conductors of cosmic energy that should be worshipped on a regular basis. They help to bring about the desired effects in a quicker manner. However, since the cosmos works on the principle of cause and effect, only if karma permits can one enjoy the full destined fruits. Otherwise, one has to work out the due karma stored from the past. However, yantras radiate positive energies that shape one`s thought patterns thereby improving the life for the better and elevating it to another level.

Yantra — July 2, 2015



Geometric element meanings:

Circle = Energy of the element water
Square = Energy of the element earth
Upward-facing Triangle = Energy of the element fire; energy
Downward-facing Triangle = Energy of the element water; knowledge
Diagonal line = Energy of the element air
Horizontal line = Energy of the element water
Vertical line = Energy of the element fire
Point = Energy of the element ether

Yantra  is the Sanskrit word for a mystical diagram, especially diagrams or amulets supposed to possess occult powers in astrological or magical benefits in the Tantric traditions of the Indian religions. Traditionally such symbols are used in Eastern mysticism to balance the mind or focus it on spiritual concepts. The act of wearing, depicting, enacting and/or concentrating on a yantra is held to have spiritual or astrological or magical benefits in the Tantric traditions of the Indian religions.

Shapes and patterns commonly employed in yantra include squares, triangles, circles and floral patterns but may also include more complex and detailed symbols, for instance:

The lotus flower typically represents chakras, with each petal representing a psychic propensity (or vritti) associated with that chakra;
A dot, or bindu, represents the starting point of creation or the infinite, unexpressed cosmos;
The shatkona (şaţkoņa) (Sanskrit name for a Hexagram) is composed of a balance between:
An upwards triangle which according to Tantra denotes energy, or more specifically action and service (seva). It may also denote spiritual aspiration, the element of fire, or Shiva. It is also said to represent the static substratum of the cosmos;[citation needed]
A downwards triangle which according to Tantra denotes spiritual knowledge. It may also denote the creative power of the cosmos, fecundity, the element of water, or Shakti;
A swastika represents good luck, welfare, prosperity or spiritual victory;
Bija mantras (usually represented as characters of Devanāgarī that correspond to the acoustic roots of a particular chakra or vritti).

Yoga Bramha Guruji SatyaMurthy —

Yoga Bramha Guruji SatyaMurthy

Yoga Bramha Guruji SatyaMurthy

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Guruji SatyaMurthy is a silent meditator and an active inspiration of simplicity and dynamism for many around the world.

His quest for truth had taken him to various masters including Guruji Srirama Murthy and his guru Guruji Rishi Prabhakar. His life gives light to the seekers of truth that one need not desert one’s family or job, abandon their responsibilities and retire to forests to begin an inward journey to achieve their innate joy.

He is married to Anantha Lakshmi Ma(Durga Ma) . Like King Janaka & the ancient sages and saints, Guruji is a living example to show that enlightenment does not mean living a secluded and remote life.

He loves to live the life of a wandering monk, living on whatever is offered in love to promote his work.