Yoga Bramha Guruji SatyaMurthy

Sience of Silence Yoga

Guruji SatyaMurthy is a silent meditator and an active inspiration of simplicity and dynamism for many around the world.

His quest for truth had taken him to various masters including Guruji Srirama Murthy and his guru Guruji Rishi Prabhakar. His life gives light to the seekers of truth that one need not desert one’s family or job, abandon their responsibilities and retire to forests to begin an inward journey to achieve their innate joy.

He is married to Anantha Lakshmi Ma(Durga Ma) . Like King Janaka & the ancient sages and saints, Guruji is a living example to show that enlightenment does not mean living a secluded and remote life.

He loves to live the life of a wandering monk, living on whatever is offered in love to promote his work.