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THAKUR’S NIVAS — March 31, 2016


Why the whole world is looking at Hyderabad ???

Best wishes of the season from Dhanvisri Infra Projectz.

We reached to you through this medium to make you understand the necessity of investment in Hyderabad.

As per the recent survey conducted by the International Environmental Development Organisation, Britain, “Hyderabad is going to be one among the world’s biggest top cities by the year 2025” which indicates the huge demand for housing in the years to come. Hyderabad is the only south Indian city to have land trading potentiality upto 100 kms on all 11 high ways, as this city has no restrictions from Hill’s, Rivers, Ocean etc., when compared to any other noted Indian city.

The basic requirements of the life are Food, Clothing and Shelter. Among these three the shelter has become quite expensive. Keeping future requirements in view the land development and building construction regulations have been formulated to ease the normal life. The governments have precisely came down to the realities, the formulation of the master plan and launching of the infrastructural developments shows their seriousness towards R&B developments with which the residential habitations start to grow in vast spread areas. Investments in the region start to flow in from the local investors so also from outside, just like genuine buyers always look for a well developed and maintained property.

The population growth is one of the main reasons where anyone should understand that one or other day there will be serious shortage of residential land within the GREATER HYDERABAD limits, because very soon Indian is going to surpass china on the grounds of population census, as it will lead to another serious problem, shortage of food. The government will issue an order against land conversions so as to retain land for the agricultural production through which the requirement of food grains and vegetables for the city will be fulfilled. In this purview may be you may not require a piece of land for your habitation but your children and grand children definitely require one, at that time they may not in a position to buy because of the tremendous growth in the prices.

When it comes to the investments on residential plots, instead of going for a plot in unapproved layout and getting into hassles while on going for construction, you can directly buy a HMDA approved plot, go for construction without being disturbed by any regulative authority. Surprisingly these plots are available in the out skirts of the city where the land prices are less considerate to those within the city and yet falls in the HMDA limits, with which you can be assured of basic facilities like Roads, Water, Drainage, Electricity and Parks etc., can go for an individual house with a beautiful garden in the front set back and car parking in just less than half the amount which you spend on buying an apartment in the city.
We have a HMDA approved layout “THAKUR’S NIVAS” in compliance with all rules and regulations as stipulated by the govt., in order to give the buyers a safe and secured investment and residential option. The proximity is much appreciable because Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Bus Station and Shopping places are just few kms away, can be reached within few minutes’ drive.

The venture location is the main advantage within itself. It is located in OUTER RING ROAD GROWTH CORRIDOR. The

goverment is determined to develop the city as per the masterplan. the master plan is indicating that the infrastructural developments are first restricted to the growth corridor only and can be spread to the areas followed. The growth corridor on both sides of the ORR is 320 kms, which indicates a quiet a some time will be consumed for the developmental activities.

We will be obliged to clarify you on the doubts you may have and we will be pleased if you consider upon investing on us.

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