Yoga Bramha Guruji Shree SatyaMurthy

 Sience of Simple Yoga

Guruji SatyaMurthy is a simple meditator ,he was inspired by many of his gurus from his child hood to till date he believes in each and every human or a thing which or who comes into his life is a guru teaching to him something.

His quest for truth had taken him to various masters , various places in the world , like Malaysia, Indonesia,Tailand,China,Singapore, etc… his first guru was his father Guruji SriRama Murthy and his spirutual guru Guruji Rishi Prabhakar. His life gives light to the seekers of truth that one need not forgo one’s family or job, neglect their responsibilities to begin an inward journey to achieve their innate joy.

He learnt the meanings of Yantra …to the utter most depth….and by the grace of SaiBaba and his Kuladivam Shri NarasimhaSwamy he was blessed with the knowledge on Yantra’s and uses of Yantras ….he became Master in that .Now serving many who needs remedy in their lives .he only takes 1111 Rupees for any remedy is his specialty. That too he gives half to Sai Baba and Half to Shi Narasimha Swamy his Kuladivam.

He works for a small company as a HR to make his living .

He is married to Anantha Lakshmi Mata (Durga Mata) . a living example of real world Guruji in the world and for the world by the world this shows that enlightenment does not mean living a secluded and remote life.

Be with the family and be in the family and be and by for people with simplicity.

 Jai Gurudev….

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